Distressed Transactions

Baker Tilly Thailand's role in Distressed Transactions include the advisory to financial institutions and investors in the  sale or purchase of NPL's (Non-Performing Loans) and/or NPA's (Non-Performing Assets) which can be sold or purchased as a single debt or portfolio.

Baker Tilly Thailand are NPL and NPA specialists and are regarded as the No 1 firm in this field in Thailand and the SE Asian region. We are in the market on a daily basis researching and advising on NPL trades.

Baker Tilly Thailand, combined with its subsidiary e-debttrading.com, has a NPL client base exceeding 50 of the largest Investment Banks; Hedge Funds; and Global Banks

Baker Tilly Thailand has the enviable record of being the only successful FA in Thailand from 2007 - present, having sold 25 portfolios, with a total outstanding principal balance of over USD 4.8 billion.