HR Administration Services

Baker Tilly offers contracted HR-related functions and processes to clients. This approach allows organizations to prioritize their core business activities while delegating HR responsibilities to specialized experts like us. Our services encompass a wide range of HR functions.

Our HR Administration Services:

  • Work Permit & Visa
  • Outsource Contractor Service
  • Payroll Processing
  • Criminal & Background Checking
  • Compliance and Legal Services
  • Benefits Administration (Health insurance, Retirement plans, and Other perks)
  • Data Analysis and Reporting

Baker Tilly are seasoned professionals in relation to HR operational processes. We offer the complete cycle of HR administration functions, available on-site, in a hybrid model, or remotely, depending on your specific requirements. Our commitment to accuracy and on-time service is guaranteed.

For clients looking to prioritize their core business for maximum organizational profit, we offer a zero-worry HR administration solution. Our professional HR team is here to efficiently manage and elevate the client's HR routine.