Tax Audits and Rulings

Dealing with revenue officer’s tax investigations or any tax dispute including tax refunds or tax assessments may be a time-consuming and a very costly procedure for the business. In addition, the statement given to the revenue officer can be crucial for tax assessments and could be used in the tax court. Therefore, having a professional liaising with revenue officers or with accountants and auditors could be a wise move in order to obtain the best result in dealing with tax investigations and tax disputes.

Tax Audits and Rulings Services include:
  • Preparation of Tax Ruling Requests including supporting documents for submission to the Revenue Department;

  • Liaising with relevant Revenue Officers for any further explanations or information required;

  • Advice on tax issues and strategies in relation to the tax investigation/tax dispute; and

  • Preparation of tax appeals to the Board of Taxation/Tax Court including liaising with the tax litigator (as the case may be) in the event of a tax dispute.