BOI Applications

Why should you register as a BOI Company?

The Board of Investment Thailand (BOI) offers tax benefits and special privileges to foreign companies operating in specific industries. This is to support growth and expertise within these important industries in Thailand. Qualifying for a BOI changes the way you will do business in Thailand. Apart from the significant tax benefits afforded to BOI approved companies, there are also duty-free implications as well as potential land ownership. 

How Baker Tilly Can Help?

Ultimately, BOI takes away many of the headaches of doing business in Thailand, but getting approved for BOI can be a confusing and difficult process. Baker Tilly has a dedicated BOI team to handle the process for you to assist with a positive BOI outcome. The team will advise on whether your industry qualifies and make any adjustments needed to facilitate the process.

Baker Tilly’s Track Record

To date, we maintain a 100% track record of helping companies achieve a BOI status (once we have determined that they qualify). On top of this, we are also able to help you understand and maximize the benefits available under BOI. We can also assist in your long term reporting obligations to the BOI.

To see how we can help your business, contact us now.