Human Capital

Administrative and Transactional Human Resource Management is required to maintain business operations. However, Strategic Human Resource Management (SHRM) focuses on the elements within the business to optimize performance. SHRM facilitates a win-win situation not only for the employee, but also the employer through increased productivity (employee engagement) and talent retention.  

Our team focuses on effectively mitigating and managing key areas of Human Resource Risk within a business. Some of the areas we serve our clients through development and implementation (management of change) in the following areas: 

  • Employee Engagement/Satisfaction

A key measure of HR effectiveness is employee engagement. Engaged employees are not only more productive, but less likely to leave the company. We provide not only engagement surveys/analysis, but in-depth and meaningful outputs to pinpoint areas of improvement within the business.

  • Workforce and Succession Planning

Roles and responsibilities can sometimes be unclear within a business. It can cause uncertainty, confusion and conflict within a company, but also makes it difficult to plan for the future. Workforce and succession planning looks at modelling the current workforce in terms of cost, but also headcount and future growth. It helps companies identify trends within the market and develop a plan accordingly. Effective workforce planning leads to succession planning to not only mitigate the risk of key personnel departures but proactively aid the growth in existing high performance employees

  • Remuneration Analysis Review

To ensure that pay between organizations is fair and comparable, remuneration analysis may be completed. Noting that in some cases, other external factors such as location will play a part in the remuneration, we make these known and work closely with Human Resources on management strategies. 

  • Performance Management

Capturing and identifying the right metrics and KPIs for the organizations to ensure continuous improvement and risk mitigation of the organization from a personal and productivity perspective. Performance Management should be transparent and fair in order to provide the basis for annual performance reviews and bonus payments.

  • Talent Management Process and Policy Review

Effectively building a standardised platform from sourcing/recruitment, retention, development and succession of all roles within organizations. Our team reviews existing policies, develops and implements practical changes based on industry research and what is most practical for the business environment.