Agile Transformation Services

Agile Readiness

“A new way of working, a new way of thinking”

Every organization is different and has its own set of complexities. Becoming Agile is a journey in itself. Our approach will help you determine the readiness to be ‘Agile’ to better plan for success in the stages of implementation. 

Being an ‘Agile Company’, isn’t just about project management. It’s a new way of thinking in which every employee, without even thinking, makes decisions based on responding to change to better serve the Customer.

Our services include:

  • Agile readiness
  • Training and workshops
  • Program design and execution


Agile Training and Workshops

Based on our experience and expertise, we provide execution in the forms of awareness, leadership and application workshops for Agile at all levels. We aid in providing not just the theory, but aid participants in application in their day-to-day roles. Our workshops:

  • Continuously pull from client requirements and adapt quickly

  • We work closely with client teams to enable a short feedback loop.  By  delivering frequently, we can respond faster

  • We use agile principles to learn quickly and fail fast to see what works and what doesn’t to embed new knowledge or skills into current offering or create entirely new offerings altogether.

  • Utilise Agile as a project management tool in the right situations, to ensure constant and fast-paced delivery and value to our Clients

  • Encourage and open to failing fast within our teams to support innovation