Provision of Directors

What are the Requirements for Directors in Thailand?

A company needs to have at least one Director (the actual number is governed by the Articles of Association of your company). Directors can be Thai or foreign.

What are the Obligations/Duties of Directors in Thailand?

When a Director is appointed to a company’s Board in Thailand their authorities are delineated in a formal declaration to the DBD, which is in the public domain. This way, any other party contracting with the company can see if the Director(s) signing a particular document/contract/agreement have the authority to do so. It must also be pointed out that many documents required for the running of a company must be signed by a Director or Directors, most of these documents will be in Thai language.

Can Baker Tilly provide Directors for Companies in Thailand?

Yes, we can, we have a dedicated Company Secretarial support service. All of your Company Secretarial aspects of establishing and running your business in Thailand need to go through the DBD (Department of Business Development, part of the Thai Ministry of Commerce). We work closely with the DBD to ensure that your company is registered and maintained according to the laws and rules of Thailand.

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