Becoming Agile

As our world continues to evolve, volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity have increased substantially. As businesses, how we respond to change and the rate at which we do it, becomes more critical to sustainable success.

We require our organizations to continuously innovate based on changing customer needs. We need to ensure the generation of revenue at a faster rate whilst releasing our products and services at a speed and quality to match. How do we do this? Contact us to find out more.

Baker Tilly’s Journey with Agile

Agile Readiness Survey

Every organization is different and has it’s own set of complexities. Becoming Agile is a journey in itself. Our approach will help you determine the readiness to be ‘Agile’ to better plan for success in the stages of implementation. Completion will also help in determining the best fit and approach to become a fully Agile organization.
Contact Us About Survey
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    Learning to be Agile

    Our approach to learning Agile involves our workshop and outcome oriented approach to aid participants in not just learning about Agile, but real life application.

    We work closely with Client teams to better understand different techniques used in Agile, with a focus on the Agile Manifesto, as well as SCRUM based frameworks.

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    Agile Program Design and Implementation

    Once we understand the current state of your organization, our professional team will design the Agile Implementation Strategy and Roadmap, as well as the program that is tailored to your organization. We will work with your teams to transform the culture and the operational processes to aid in your transformation.

    We will support in the following:
    Organizational Design
    Program Development
    Strategy and Execution

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